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Instant Teint Love SPF 20 Combo Package (Dark & Light)

Instant Teint Love SPF 20 Combo Package (Dark & Light)

Instant Teint Love comes in two different shades that are applicable to most skin tones. The two colours can be mixed to match each person's skin tone in the best possible way. Its smooth texture helps prevent the product from sitting in wrinkles after application.


Thanks to its specific, natural ingredients, Instant Teint Love is an effective post-treatment care that has the ability to prevent infection, provide sufficient UV-protection, cover redness and erythema and reduce swelling after non and minimal-invasive aesthetic procedures (such as fillers, botulinum toxin, chemical & green peels, mesotherapy, microneedling, thread lifts, ultrasound and laser treatments).






Colloidal silver - silver has been used as an antimicrobial agent since ancient times. Silver ions have several antimicrobial sites of action on the target cells and, unlike antibiotics, are therefore associated with a low risk of bacterial resistance.


Colloidal silica - silica is extremely moisture absorbent and is known to stengthen the connecting tissue, resulting in firmer skin. Silica can also help bind inflammatory compounds due to its ab- sorbent properties. Because of its very small size, the surface area of colloidal silica is very high and its properties are amplified.


Arabian Jasmine - Arabian Jasmine (Jasminum sambac), origi- nally from the Southern Himalayas, is particularly rich in glycosides and flavonoids iridoids and is commonly used for their anti-inflammatory and anti-tyrosinase activity.


Aloe Vera - Aloe vera’s use can be traced back 6,000 years to early Egypt, where the plant was depicted on stone carvings. Known as the “plant of immortality,” aloe was presented as a funeral gift to pharaohs. Historically, aloe vera has been used for a variety of purposes, including treatment of wounds and hair loss. The gel is primarily used topically (applied to the skin) as a remedy for skin conditions such as burns, frostbite, psoriasis, and cold sores.


Shea Butter - Shea Butter is a complex fat that contains several different fatty acids and is an excellent emollient for dry skin. Shea Butter also contains cinnamic acid. Cinnamic acid derivatives are known to exhibit a range of bioactivities including antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antioxidant properties due to their strong, free radical scavenging properties.


Hawthorn - is rich in flavonoids and traditionally used to treat circulatory problems. It can help reduce swelling and puffiness.




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